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Question about God, question about religion, question about faith - part 2

The topics presented in this section relate to different religions, especially to the Christian religion, and are intended to test how we understand individual concepts in this area of ​​life and what their impact on our daily lives is.

Our attitude towards God should not consist in constantly checking whether we have committed something contrary to His commandments, which makes us feel remorse and sinners. This checking usually results only from the existence of regulations in various religions, which try to discipline us for a particular behavior. I am not saying that the commandments and religious orders are completely unnecessary. In the present environment that is not often good, they can be guidelines for proper behavior (for example, forgiving others of their bad behavior, which caused us a sense of harm). However, all compulsions and orders only lead us away from God, and especially weaken our love for Him. Meanwhile God's love for us is unconditional, which I try to show in this section of topics.

Strict adherence to religious regulations and guidelines does not automatically mean that we believe in God. If we physically enter a church building or some other temple, we will not be closer to God, nor will we be more holy ourselves, although there are many people who perceive it that way.

I would also like to ask everyone not to pigeonhole other people. For example: this is an atheist, the other is a Protestant, the other is a materialist, yet another is an Orthodox Jew. Emphasizing such divisions immediately creates "walls" between people and prevents close bonds between them.

Why to do it?

After all, each of us is different. Everyone looks different, everyone has a different voice and in general everyone is unique. We are even more different when it comes to our characters and feelings. So each of us is individual, unique and, as I have said before, one of a kind.

I would not be surprised if each of us had his own unique image of God, his own understanding of his existence and his own intimate attitude towards him.

Also, the total lack of faith in God should not be something extraordinary, because such a state is inherent in this otherness of each of us.

When starting to analyze topics on this site, it is best to free yourself from all such barriers.










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